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If you are experiencing tooth pain, have lost a tooth, or have other dental issues you need to be addressed immediately, contact Dentisterie @ Casselman immediately. We’ll work to find a time for you to come in on as soon as possible (even the same day!) to address your issues.

Call 613-764-6600 If You Are Experiencing a Dental Emergency

Pain, discomfort, and swelling usually indicate a dental problem. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, don’t wait until they get worse! Contact us today to book an emergency dental appointment and get the treatment you need.

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*We book patients for treatment as soon as possible, in some cases on the same day.

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What to Do in Case of Emergency

If left untreated, dental pain can:

    • Indicate a more severe problem or issue
    • Affect your life by limiting what you eat and enjoy
    • Worsen with infection or complication
    • Impact your quality of life
    • Lead to greater emergencies in the future