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Dental Implants

Get Affordable Dental Implants for a Smile that Lasts a Lifetime

Do you have missing teeth? Whether you have a gap in your smile or a full or partial set of dentures, dental implants provide a stable, secure, and long-lasting solution. The Dentisterie @ Casselman team are ready to help you restore a full, beautiful smile with dental implants.

Dental Implants Support

In cases where one or more teeth are missing, dental implants provide support to surrounding dental structures while replacing the missing teeth. Gaps in the smile can cause teeth to shift over time, in some cases becoming crooked or causing further complications. And without any root structures, the jawbone can shrink. This can cause individuals to appear older. Thankfully, implants bond with the jaw, providing support and keeping the jawbone healthy.

Dentisterie @ Casselman

How Implants Help You

  • Dental implants are effective supports for your overall dental health. They provide a physical support for various structures as well as your jawbone itself, all with exceptional functionality and comfort:

    • Perfectly fitted, stable, and comfortable
    • Lasts a lifetime with proper care
    • Look and feel just like natural teeth
    • No impact on eating, chewing, smiling, or talking

Benefits of Implant-Supported Denturese

Dentures rub against gums, often causing discomfort while people adjust to their presence. The mechanisms that keep dentures in place can also be tricky to maneuver. Thankfully, implant-assisted dentures (partial or full) provide stability and exceptional functionality you can depend on!

If you’re a healthy patient cleared for a tooth extraction, then you’re likely already an excellent candidate for dental implants. Contact Dentisterie @ Casselman today to learn more or to book an appointment!