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Restore Damaged Teeth With Root Canal Treatment

Treat Pain and Retain Tooth Function Today

Damage to the root of a tooth puts nerve tissues and blood vessels at risk. When these tissues are damaged and decay, they need to be removed with root canal treatment. This procedure removes damaged material and fills the affected tooth with a replacement material to ensure you maintain your dental health.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Some sign that you might need a root canal include:

  • Pain in the tooth or a throbbing sensation when you bite
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Extreme decay in the affected tooth and surrounding tissue
  • Persistent pain following an injury or impact on the tooth
  • Signs of infection in a tooth

If you have a decaying tooth causing you pain, then root canal treatment can help get you relief. By removing the damaged pulp (the nerve tissue and blood vessels in the root), the canal of the root is free of material causing complications. The canal is then cleaned before being filled with material to ensure comfort and function. Still not sure if you need a root canal? The best way to determine is to visit our dentists for a checkup!

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How Root Canal Treatment Works

“Root canal” specifically refers to the natural cavity found in the center of every tooth. This cavity is filled with pulp made up of nerve tissue and blood vessels. When this pulp is damaged, it can cause pain and infection, which means it’s time for treatment.

  • Opening made in infected tooth
  • Damaged pulp removed
  • Canal cleaned
  • Opening sealed
  • Tooth is sealed with filler

If you’re experiencing symptoms that sound like damage to the tooth’s root, contact Dentisterie @ Casselman today to book an appointment.