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Oral Surgery And Wisdom Teeth Removal

Remove Impacted Teeth Close to Home and Skip the City

Impacted wisdom teeth removal is an all-too-common treatment. Living in a smaller community, it can be frustrating organizing time for surgery in the city. Thankfully, Dentisterie @ Casselman is here to handle your wisdom teeth removal in a convenient, close-to-home location!

Oral Surgery Expertise You Can Depend On

Oral surgery focuses on diagnosing and treating hard and soft tissues located in the head, mouth, teeth, gums, jaws, and even the neck. We offer a full range of oral surgery treatments, including wisdom teeth removal, all in a convenient location and welcoming, patient-first atmosphere.

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Surgical Treatments for Your Oral Health Needs

The oral surgery training of our dentists provides patients with comprehensive care they can count on. From the relatively straightforward process of wisdom teeth removal to more complex procedures, Dr. Taraf and Dr. Sandhu will walk you through every step of the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Our practice provides a full range of surgical treatments, saving you a trip to the city.

We offer surgical treatments for:

  • Dental implants, ensuring they are properly placed and stable
  • Gum grafts and periodontal therapy to restore gum lines
  • Wisdom teeth removal for impacted or potentially complicated wisdom teeth

If you’re frustrated waiting to find time to head to the city for oral surgery, don’t worry—contact Dentisterie @ Casselman today to book your appointment and skip the city!